Bermondsey Shorts

A weekly series of short, experimental artist films.

Programme Director: Michaela Freeman

Charles Sherman-Cox – Caliban Remix – 12:44

‘When love sails away, you either sink or swim. In Caliban Remix, swimming is the only option’.A contemporary riff on the love-hate relationship between two of Shakespeare’s most enigmatic characters, the magician, Prospero and his servant slave, Caliban.


Koen van Loocke (BE) – Sea of Salt 2:06

A short film based on a quote from Romeo and Juliet.


David Valentine (UK) – Computer Love 7:06

What would Romeo and Juliet be like today? A chat room romance.


Adriano Vessichelli (IT/UK) – Odio 1:26

The story of someone (neither human nor animal) who experienced in his life social exclusion and threatening.
Inspired from the Tempest by W.Shakespeare


Kim Noce/Mewlab (UK) – Live-in-Idleness 4:40

A film exploring the fleeting delusional love relationship between Titania and
Bottom, made with charcoal on paper, the images are a series of drawings, constantly erased and retraced.