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The Voices Film Programme Highlights underrepresented voices in cinema and platforms some of the UK’s most talented emerging film-makers.

Delve into the world of independent cinema and artists’ moving image, watch exclusive premiers and hear from industry experts.

The aim of The Voices Film Programme is to provide cinematic experiences that respond to the needs and interests of our diverse local community.

The Voices Film Programme takes place over three months and focuses on a different theme each month

The Voices Film Programme is supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.

October: Queer Identity

November: Race, Identity and Visibility

December: Women on screen and behind the camera

This October The Voices Film Programme celebrates Queer Identity. Come along to Bermondsey Project Space for a selection of Screenings and events spotlighting LGBTQIA+ filmmakers. 

Step into the world of queer cinema and enjoy a diverse selection of genres from comedy to documentary to fantasy.  The programme places a significant focus on the experiences of young people and brings together film-makers from across the UK in an artistic exploration of queer culture and identity. 


Loops | Film Screening

Saturday 13 August 2022 | 4 – 6pm

Come along to Bermondsey Project Space for a screening of works by film-makers Ingrid Olivia Norrmén-Smith and Whitney Conti followed by a talk and Q&A session with the creative teams. These artists are united in their use of moving image and sound to call attention to the biological phenomenon of somatic amplification of sensation. 


Saturday 16 July 2022 | 4 – 6pm

A showcase of short films and sound pieces exploring the theme ‘Memory and Alternate Realities’, presented by graduates of UCA Farnham

A screening of Masha Mombelli’s Series of Short Films ‘ Stories From The Coats’ Followed by a talk and Q&A

STORIES FROM THE COATS is a series of short stories told from the point of view of garments, worn, used, having their own experiences, ready to tell stories.

META ALARM 2.0| A Collection of Short Films Saturday 11 June 2022 | 4 – 6pm

A showcase of experimental films from graduates of the RCA Contemporary practice MA

50% of ticket sales were donated to IZOLYATSIA, an artist organisation in Ukraine: and 50% will support Bermondsey Project Space’s outreach fund working with local young people.

Featuring works by: Louise Ørsted Jensen, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Adri São Bento, Patrick O’Neill, Anita Marante, xiaoyu1002, Kevin Siwoff, Bess Andersen, Melle Nieling.

Moving Through | A Collection of Short Films

Saturday 28 May 2022 | 4 – 6pm

A collection of short films connected by their use of dance and movement as a vehicle for emotional exploration. Featuring work by, Yolanda Y. Liou, Candice Lo and Issy Wharton. 

Canada’s Keepers

Saturday 12 March 2022

For Women’s History Month Art Forward Presented Canadas Keepers, a film about Canada’s dark past told by the country’s First Women.

Directed by Mia Frank, Produced by Monica Jamal

Starring: Kyra Harris, Zephiria Joseph, Robyn Lawson, Cynthia Taha, Chrystal Sparrow, Folisha Stevens, Rose Timbrell, Colleen White, Laurie Wilson.

Unearth Me and See Me Wildly Dance

Saturday 19 February 2022

As part of LGBTQIA+ History Month BPS presented’Unearth Me and See Me Wildly Dance’ – a collaborative art film based in a fantasy queer mythology. A film by queer and non-binary artists Raechel (Rae) Teitelbaum and Brody Mace-Hopkins. The screening was followed by a Q&A with the creative teame

Queer Stories

Saturday 12 February 2022

As part of LGBTQIA+ History Month BPS presented Queer Stories, a selection of five short films that told stories of queer identity and community. The screening was followed by a Q&A with the creative teames

Featured Films:

Other Voices

A Love Letter to the Basement

Eucalyptus cell, gently modified


Fish Bowl

Queer Portraits

Saturday 5 February 2022

As part of LGBTQIA+ History Month BPS presented Queer Portraits a selection of four short films that painted nuanced portraits of queerness. The screening was followed by a Q&A with the creative teames

Featured Films:


You are a Letter, written not with ink, but with spirit

you must everywhere wander 你必顧盼

With You I See Light

Documenting Afrofutures:

Filming Race and Reproduction in the Age of Black Lives Matter

22 January 2022

 Emma Morgan-Bennett presented her recent documentary that explores themes of race and reproduction in the age of Black Lives Matter followed by a talk on Afrofuterism in film making. 

Thursday 9 December

The Voices Film Series Presents:

Georgie Cowan-Turner

Director Georgie Cowan Turner Presented two short films including a premier of her most recent film ‘Best Self’ aswell as  ‘My Morning Routine’ which has won multiple awards on the short film festival circuit including The Audince Favourite Award at Bluebird pictures World cinima festival, Best Women’s Short at LA Indipendent Short Awards,Best Women Empowerment film at Tokyo International Short Film Festival and Best women Empowerment film at New Wave Short Film Festival Munich.
‘Best Self’ was created to highlight the hollowness and two-faced nature of Instagram wellness culture in a satirical way. Cowan-Turner is known for creating films that embody the toxicity of social media. Best Self is intended to feel like walking into a wellness brand’s Instagram account. How would a group of young, different, flawed people be treated in the world of cliches, fake phrases and pastel perfection? This is at the core of Best Self where the film shows how a hollow brand named Inanis (which means empty) strips a group of young people of their individuality to show them their best selves.
My Morning Routine
Lured by images of ‘glass skin perfection’ a young woman enters the world of a morning makeup routine only to discover it is not as perfect as it first seems. An experimental and darkly ironic film which holds the mirror up to past and present toxic beauty standards and unattainable ideals of perfection.

Saturday 4 December

Voices Film Series presents:

Nina Mdwaba

Performance Artist Nina Mdwaba shared two of her Spoken Word Films “I’ll Believe It When I See It & #Elevatedvoices” and “Let’s Take It Home” followed by a talk and Q&A Session.

Nina Siphesihle Pinkie Mdwaba is a South African born (b.1995) writer, theatre-maker, spoken word, and performance artist. Nina explores subject matter relating to race, gender, and sexuality, and ritualistic healing. Nina has performed her works in over 20 art venues in Glasgow and London, including the GOMA, Modern institute, CCA, Transmission, Turner Prize contemporary, and a handful of festivals including Brainchild and Womenfest in London. She is now focussing on poetry for film.

The Voices film series presents:


Saturday 4 December

This event included a screeing of Monument, shot on Super 8 film, that presents an ambiguous structure; a blot against the Hampshire coastline, which prompts enquiry into intrusions upon a landscape. its cloven form suggests a distortion of  imperialist structures. This was followed by a performative talk from Oona Hope exploring treasure objects as a currency of loss. As a layperson, she enjoys appropriating real world archaeological practices to explore places where strong emotional affect meets material fact, often creating almost-comedic narratives of an amateur auditing of a place’s history or feeling, using misidentified materials to bend the facts in a stupid way that could turn itself profound. Hope is fascinated by the amount of destruction that can be caused by ignorantly digging. Her work often addresses feelings of entitlement to possess objects to show for the word “history”, including in a totally personal and subjective context.
Both Ula and Oona are Recent fine art graduates from Goldsmiths university of London.

The Women Now Film Series
12 – 20 August 2020

Screening and Q&A event with Award-Winning Director Georgie Cowan-Turner


The Women Now Film Series at Bermondsey Project Space centred emerging female filmmakers and celebrated London’s vibrant film scene, through a series of screenings, Q&A’s and panel discussions. The program explored themes of identity, body image, and comunnity.

Featuring Carmen & Luisa, Issy Wharton, Ula Taylor-Riley, Tracey Francis, Mouni Productions, Georgie Cowan-Turner, Luna Carmoon, Nina Mdwaba, Sophie Farrell and WomeninFilmSE15


Still from Nina Mdwaba and Sophie Farrell’s film ‘I’ll Believe It When I See It’

WomeninFilmSE15 are a collective rooted in the local neighbourhood. The collective’s focus is on discussing, screening and making films centred around women’s interests. Their main aim is to promote the female voice within film, bringing different narratives and diverse local communities together. For this series, they showed a collection of community-made animations.

WomeninFilmSE15 community animation project
Screenings at The Women Now Film Series

The Series also included an event titled ‘Getting Into The Film Industry’ where producer and writer Helen Simmons talked to filmmaker Luna Carmoon about how she got started in the film industry, and the experience of making two incredibly well-received short films. This was followed by a panel discussion from prominent screenwriters Louise Nesbitt, KT, and Milly Thomas.

Screenwriters panel with Helen Simmons, Louise Nesbitt, KT, and Milly Thomas