Goddess Now

21st – 2nd April 2020 

Curated by Kate Mieczkowska

Goddess Now brings together diverse art forms from eight female (or identifying as female) artists:  Rayvenn D’Clark, Victoria Burgher, Nell Lynne, BrianDawn Chalkley, Imelda Almqvist, Kate Mieczkowska, Marguerite Horner and Katya Kan.


The artists included in the exhibition come from different social, political and environmental backgrounds, but they all share a focus on under-represented individuals and social scenarios that create imbalance. In this context, the idea of ‘The Goddess’ (may ‘she’ be physical or environmental) personifies nature, creation and destruction – the creative energy that brings the work of these artists together.

Kate Mieczkowska ‘Untitled’

The exhibition will be a unique way of offering an opportunity to develop a ‘healing’ and spiritual experience from a ‘female’ perspective. It offers an understanding of ‘difference’ and ‘trauma’, social or environmental, as both are linked, and attempts to turn them into empathy and respect – a contrast to the presiding divisive – and fearful – sentiment of these contemporary times. 

During the show, the gallery will host workshops for both children and adults. These sessions will be exploring ‘motherhood’ and ‘mother nature’ through drawing and filming. Each of the works produced by the participants will be additionally exhibited – as part of the overall event.  

Margerite Horner ‘Police’

A program featuring panel discussions and talks with keynote speakers will be announced closer to the date. Themes discussed will include community, social sciences, art academia and environmentalism which supports positive change. 


All events will all be free and open to everyone.

Margurite Horner Paparazzi
Nell Lyne Hallowed Be Her Name_oiloncanvas_150x220_2016.
Nell Lynne Three(11)-70x90cm-oil-on-cotton
Victoria Bergher ‘Surviving’
Victoria Bergher2