Philipp Humm: The Last Faust

3-24 October 2020

Lamia  2019 c-type print, 48″ x 64″

Humm’s works have reinvented and re-imagined Goethe’s Faust intellectual relevance for the 21st century, touching on classic and extremely contemporary issues of corruption, love and power, through to current references such as Harvey Weinstein and Silicon Valley.

Faust remains one of the most relevant and dramatic heroes in culture – the story of a German necromancer and/or astrologer who sells his soul to the devil for knowledge and power. Goethe’s interpretation saw Faust as noble, and his pursuit of knowledge as central to the tale – the ramifications of man’s drive for power and thirst for knowledge create extreme scenarios but with Faust’s resolution reached through redemption with God.  Humm uses Goethe’s narrative as the compass for his own retelling, drawing on theology, mythology, science and literature.