BRAD FAINE ‘Diamond Geezers’


‘Diamond Geezers’

Brad Faine is an internationally recognised artist and printmaker who was, for 40 years the managing director of Coriander Studio, one of Europe’s foremost printers and publishers of fine art limited editions, specialising in serigraphic and digital prints.
In 2010 he resigned his directorship of Coriander to concentrate on making his own prints and paintings. Since 2005 his limited editions have been generated exclusively on computer and exist only in digital form. All his prints are first generation images and not reproductions of pre-existing drawings or paintings.

This Art dazzles the eye and plays games with the mind (not the same as mind games).
It is kaleidoscopic, optically replete, busy and colourful. It is visually complicated,
in some works more so than in others, but even when relatively simple
it is always crammed to the edges. It is referentially loaded, steeped in popular culture, popular graphics, popular pastimes.

Mel Gooding, November 2012