MERGE. Bensley and Dipré

Exhibition extended untilSaturday 29 January 2022 Gallery 1 A collaboration between photographer Nicola Bensley and artist Dav

Dylan Bardoe: Mudpuppy

Exhibition extended untilSaturday 29 January 2022 Gallery 2 Dylan Bardoe’s third solo exhibition at Bermondsey Project Space


1 – 12 February 2022 Private View Wednesday 2 February 6 – 9 pm Gallery 1 PEOPLE, PLACE, TAKE UP SPACE is a solo e

Jenny McIntosh: Votive Pieces

14 December – 8 January 2022 Following her degree from Byam Shaw Art School in London, Jenny McIntosh worked as a graphi

Courtney Bae: Forgetting Recollection

30 November – 11 December 2021 London-based Courtney Jinsook Bae is a Korean American artist and creative dire

Clive Jackson & Sonia Martin: Painterly Prints

30 November – 11 December 2021 GALLERY 2 This two-person show presents the abstract and figurative monotypes of London-b

Winter Showcase

23 – 27 November 2021 Gallery 1 A Seasonal artists’ fund raising exhibition, bringing together 22 artists who have

Lesley Aggar: Flower + Water

23 – 27 November 2021 Nature has always been a vibrant presence in the work of photographer Lesley Aggar. The violent, m

Josephine Bacon | Essere Umana: To Be Human

16 – 20 November 2021 For many years the human body, specifically female, has been central to my work. Pornography, with

Stephen Newton: Paintings of Remembrance

19 October – 13 November 2021 In language alone, genuine emotion and truth must be chiselled out of solid granite, where

Josh Raz: Joyride

28 September – 16 October 2021 GALLERY 1 Between these paintings, Josh Raz depicts figures navigating environments that

Charlotte Snook: Studio Illusions and Tiepolo Skies

EXHIBITION EXTENDEDuntil 16 October 2021 GALLERY 2 Charlotte Snook is a British figurative painter who uses her knowledge of a

Gemma Holzer & Phoebe Stringer: Secret Lab

7 – 11 September 2021 GALLERY 1 Secret lab is a show made by artists Gemma Holzer and Phoebe Stringer. Verging on instal

Homer Sykes & Dafydd Jones: Book Works

7 – 11 September 2021 GALLERY 2 PRIVATE RECEPTION  |  Wednesday 8 September, 6-9pmJoin the artists to celebrat

Flip the Script: Tim Nathan & Good Governance Institute

31 August – 4 September 2021 Tim Nathan’s photographs will be exhibited for the first week of Good Governance Institut

Márcia Clayton: Borderline

24 – 28 August 2021 GALLERY 1 Márcia Clayton is a contemporary visual artist living/working in Kent and Rio de Janeiro.

After Isolation

24 – 28 August 2021 GALLERY 2 Abi Aldridge-Apaza  |  Zerrin AsirVioleta Bravo  |  Beth FraserMiriam

Dylan Bardoe: Kerosene

3 – 21 August 2021 Dylan Bardoe’s second solo exhibition at Bermondsey Project Space combines obsessive, excessive

The Lots Road Group: Beyond the Door

27 – 31 July 2021 Portraits and Other Recent Work In ‘Beyond the Door’ Lots Road Group artists reflect on the unprec

Jaffar Aly & Bradley Banton: What Changes If I Change?

20 – 24 July 2021 GALLERY 1 Assimilation. The process of becoming similar to something. But with this, we are

Bradley Banton: Blackmael

20 – 24 July 2021 CINEMA SPACE Screenings throughout the day* Bradley Banton’s surrealist short exploring assimila

Bradley Banton: 25/25

20 – 24 July 2021 GALLERY 2 A retrospective. Celebrating 25 years of life, Bradley Banton examines western media and its

Wendy Elia: Where Are We Now

13 – 17 July 2021 GALLERY 1 Like Bowie’s 2013 song of the same name, Where Are We Now is a meditation on tim

In and Between: Bodies, Possibilities and Dreams

13 – 17 July 2021 GALLERY 2 Curated by Kia Matanky-Becker This exhibition explores the unraveling and reimagining of bod


29 June – 10 July 2021 Sustainability First Art Prize An exhibition about making connections to each other and nature du

Power Structures

22 – 26 June 2021 GALLERY 1 Power Structures is a new photographic exhibition curated by Francisco Ibáñez Hantke

Andy Billman: Daylight Robbery

22 – 26 June 2021 GALLERY 2 What value do we place on natural light? Andy Billman’s new photographic series documents

Medium Rare

15 – 19 June 2021 A group exhibition of paintings from the current first year participants of the Turps Studio Programme

Day Bowman: Seaside Citadels

1 – 12 June 2021 GALLERY 1 Growing up in a holiday destination, small, seaside town it is not surprising that much of my

David Williams: Light

1 – 12 June 2021 GALLERY 2 ‘Almost everything we have learned about the universe has been revealed by light’

Julie Umerle: Recent Paintings

18 – 29 May 2021 GALLERY 1 Curated by Anna McNay – Supported by Arts Council England Julie Umerle’s second solo

Alan Rankle: Further Tales

18 – 29 May 2021 GALLERY 2 Known for his large scale paintings and in-situ projects, often involving collaborations with

Being with Trees

By appointment until 8 May Being with Trees brings together a contemporary response to trees by artists who live in urban and

Anna Pogudz: Mighty Beauty, Mighty Beast

8 – 19 December 2020 Gallery 1 Curated by Paul Carey-Kent, Co-curated by Jolanda Crettaz Chandler Mighty Beauty, Mighty

Janet Samson: Paintings

8 – 19 December 2020 Gallery 2 Janet Samson’s (1940 – 2019) whole career defined an artist’s engagem

Peter Samson: Short Films

8 – 19 December 2020 Gallery 3 – Cinema Space Peter Samson graduated from Manchester College of Art in the early 1

Angela Rumble: Treescapes

29 October – 5 December 2020 Angela Rumble creates treescapes which gradually lose their treeness. Working in oil with a

Philippa Beale: Imagining Trees

29 October – 5 December 2020 Philippa Beale’s work never followed the mainstream concerns of her contemporaries. She w

Helen Kirwan: perpetuum mobile

29 October – 5 December 2020 perpetuum mobile shows live performances by the artist filmed  in the cedar forests of

Philipp Humm: The Last Faust

3 – 24 October 2020 The feature film The Last Faust was released in late 2019, becoming Philipp Humm’s first step in t

Richard Walker: Cuckooland

22 – 30 September 2020 A new body of work inspired by Ray Bradbury’s influential novel FAHRENHEIT 451, incorporating p

Freya Nash: Thresholds

15 – 19 September 2020 Thresholds, doorways, new beginnings. The seen and unseen. Embodiments of transformation. Unescap


1 – 12 September 2020 The world’s panoramic canvas was securely rolled up, folded or boxed for safety and put into wha

Alan Rankle: Selected Works 1998 – 2020

1 – 12 September 2020 To accompany the exhibition Unfurl curated by Alan Rankle in the main gallery, Bermondsey Project

Dylan Bardoe: Plastic Eyeballs

4 – 29 August 2020 Bermondsey Project Space is pleased to present ‘Plastic Eyeballs’, the first London exhibition of

Laura Matthews: Tamesis

17 March – 21 March 2020 Bermondsey Project Space is pleased to present ‘Tamesis’, an exhibition of new paintings by the

Marguerite Horner: ‘Transcends all Understanding’

17 – 21 March The body of work featuring in Marguerite Horner’s forthcoming solo show at Bermondsey Project Space span

Marc Newton: ‘The British Boot Sale’

10 – 14 March 2020 Photographer Marc Newton is taking a momentary pause in an ongoing project to present an exhibition t

Daniele Roberts Mah: Art Women & Evolution

10 – 14 March 2020 Portraits of practicing and emerging female artists from a female’s perspective Gallery 2 A project

Beg Steal and Borrow

Philip Colbert | Haley Morris-Cafiero | Yinka Shonibare CBE | Ori Gersht | Melinda Gibson | Stuart Hilton | Birgitta Hosea | S

7 Contemporary Painters

28 January – 8 February 2020 The artists in the exhibition while clearly Contemporary, and often groundbreaking in terms

Shado Presents: ‘Build Love, Break Walls’

In partnership with ​’Say It Loud’​ and ‘H​elp Refugees’ 11th – 22nd February 2020     S

Koorosh Shishegaran: Two-Way Street

7-25 January 2020 Curated by: Fereshte Moosavi Two-Way Street is a research-based exhibition of works by Koorosh Shishegaran (

Dance Dance Dance

10 -21 December 2019 Dance Dance Dance is an exhibition which culturally and politically revaluates public perception of

Adrian Hemming: ‘The Shipping Forecast’

19th – 30th November 2019 Adrian Hemming is a landscape painter. Not a painter of scenic beauty or topographical views

Olga Karlovac: The Disarray

3 – 7 December 2019 Enigmatic and uniquely creative, Olga Karlovac’s mysterious but alluring portrayals in black and w

Dafydd Jones: Past and Present

12th – 16th November 2019 Dafydd Jones is recognised as one of the world’s leading social photographers, which ove

Annie Zamero: ‘Royal Revolutions’

5th – 16th November 2019 Gallery 1 Annie Zamero paints satirical portraits of contemporary public figures using satire t

Ben Turnbull: American History X volume III, Manifest Decimation

15th October – 2nd November 2019 This Autumn Bermondsey Project Space presents Ben Turnbull’s ‘American Hist

Alexandro Pelaez: Eclectic

Curated by Mara Alves 1st – 12th October 2019 Bermondsey Project Space is delighted to announce its forthcoming exhibiti

Life Framer Photography Prize 2019

24th – 28th September 2019 Image © Donell Gumiran This travelling exhibition marks the culmination of the fifth edition

Alan Rankle: Mothland

Painting and Editions Curated by Claudia De Grandi 10th – 21st September 2019 ©Alan Rankle Bermondsey Project Space is

Stuart Semple: Dancing On My Own: Selected Works 1999 – 2019

9 August – 7 September 2019 Bermondsey Project Space announces a major show for the summer, Stuart Semple’s ‘Dancing

Long Live Southbank!


Marian Bruce: Universal Themes

16th – 27th July 2019 In separate spaces over three floors Marian Bruce will be installing forty pieces, including sculp

Dawn Parsonage: The Boring Exhibition

Dawn Parsonage: The Boring Exhibition 26 June – 6 July 2019 A playful celebration of boredom through the eyes of artist and

British Painting II: A Summer Show By Independent Artists

British Painting II: A Summer Show By Independent Artists 21 May – 15 June 2019 Exhibiting Artists Felicitas Aga, John Atkin

Rear View Mirror: Jack Milroy, Five Decades of work

25 April – 12 May 2019 This is a celebratory exhibition to chart Jack Milroy’s artistic evolution from art school rebel of

1/3 MeelPress

Portuguese Contemporary Artists Curated by João Silvério 2nd – 13th April 2019 Bermondsey Project Space is delighted to an

Yana Rits: Body Talks

MARCH 12 – MARCH 16 ‘We, as humans, carry within ourselves all angels of heaven alongside every demon of hell blending

Mark Baldwin: Embodied Knowledge

Embodied Knowledge MARK BALDWIN JANUARY 29  – MARCH 9 Nicola Clayton FRSProfessor of Comparative Cognition at the U

Mel Ramos

MEL RAMOS (1935 – 2018) PAINTINGS, SCULPTURES & EDITIONS 9 – 24 January 2019 Gitanes, 2012, Polychrome re

Galerie Ernst Hilger: From the Heart of Europe

Galerie Ernst Hilger From the Heart of Europe 7 – 22 December 2018 Artists: Daniele Buetti, Maria Bussmann, Gunter Damis

Christina Reihill: Glad I Did It

Glad I Did It Christina Reihill 14 November – 1 December This November, installation artist Christina Reihill will recre

Nick Malone: The Disappearance of Makepeace – A Tale of Two Lives

The Disappearance of Makepeace A Tale of Two Lives NICK MALONE 6-10 November 2018 The exhibition follows on from an earlier so

Drawn to London

Within the shadow of the Tower 16 October – 3 November Curated by: Philippa Beale Artists: Alexandra Blum, Philippa Beale, J

The Discontents

Matthew Collings, Tommaso Corvi-Mora, Zavier Ellis, Matthew Higgs, Max Presneill 2 – 13 October Private View Tuesday  2

Maryam Eisler: Adventures & Obsession

Adventure & Obsession Maryam Eisler 18 – 30 SEPTEMBER Private View Thursday  20th September 6 – 9 pm Photogra

Debbie Castro — I – CUT

I-CUT Debbie Castro 11 – 15  September Private View Thursday  13th September 6 – 9 pm I have an overwhelming

Philip Volkers: Dust to Dawn – A photographic Adventure at Burning Man

Dust to Dawn A photographic Adventure at Burning Man Philip Volkers 11 – 15 SEPTEMBER 2018 Renegade photographer Philip

Claudia de Grandi: Waves and Horizons

Waves and Horizons Claudia de Grandi 4 – 8 SEPTEMBER Curated by Alan Rankle Private View Wednesday 5th September 6 – 9

Sophie Morrish – Island Time: North Uist Works

  Island Time: North Uist Works Sophie Morrish 31 JULY – 1 SEPTEMBER Curated by Mel Gooding For ten years artist So

‘A1: Britain on the Verge’ an exhibition by Peter Dench

16 – 20 January 2018 Britain is about to change. The fault lines that exist across the country have been exacerbated by

UAL Olympus UK Photography Award 2018 – Second Edition

OLYMPUS and the Bermondsey Project Space for the second time support the next generation of photographers from UAL*. Febru

Visual Poetry: Short Film Showcase

A work in progress film showcase by 11 pioneering LCC MA Documentary Film Students 27th February – 3rd March Bermondsey

Counterfeit: 6 – 17 March

Counterfeit Heyse Ip, Amelie Mckee, Ambar Quijano, Florentine Ruault 6 – 17 March The term “counterfeit” is

Project Space Outreach Programme 2018

My HOUSE My SCHOOL My STREET Platanos College 20 – 24  March For the third year, Bermondsey Project Space and OLYMPUS h

Environmental Photographer of the Year Award 2018

CIWEM EPOTY ENVIRONMENTAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR AWARD 2018 20 – 24 March Managed by the Chartered Institution of Wate

Dougie Wallace – The Series

Above: © Dougie Wallace, from  Stags Hens & Bunnies, a Blackpool Story Series Dougie Wallace ‘The Series’   Sta

Xhibit 2018

Xhibit – the annual exhibition showcasing the best emerging talent from UAL – returns on 19 April unti

Queer Gaze from Poland – A portrait of Love and Desire

Image by Kinga Michalska, Guy and Jamaal, Montreal, Qc, 2017   Queer Gaze from Poland A portrait of Love and Desire 22-2

The Kingdom

Images: © Aidan O’Neill The Kingdom by Aidan O’Neill May 15th – 19th New limited edition book and exhibiti

Vintage Dafydd Jones -(Exhibition in a Box 1977-1996)

Dafydd Jones has worked worldwide as an events photographer since the 1981 when he was hired by Tina Brown to photograph balls

MEDIUM:OIL (part 1) Two Painters

Two Painters Summer season at Bermondsey Project Space Featuring DAVID ROYLE (UK) and GIANLUCA PISANO (Italy) in May and STEPH

MEDIUM:OIL (part 2) The Inner And the Outer

  The Inner and the Outer 26 – 7 July   Opening event: Tuesday 26th June, from 6 to 9 pm Finissage: Meet the A

David Bowie Limited Edition Unique Boxed Set

Ricochet: David Bowie 1983 Photographs by Denis O’Regan 19th-23rd June   The exhibition features the limited edition bo

MEDIUM:OIL (part 3) ‘Abstract Realities’ Stephen Newton

  ABSTRACT REALITIES Stephen Newton 10 – 28 July Newton is not a realist, but a new kind of surrealist. Psychoanalytic

John Nassari ‘Alters’

AN EXHIBITION BY OLYMPUS VISIONARY 10-14 January John’s much anticipated “Alters” project is a photographic series that

SPi Street Awards 2017

SPi Street Awards 2017 Winner and Finalists 23 January – 3 February   Street Photography International are a collec

OLYMPUS show: Cleveland Aaron ‘Shapes From The Street’

CLEVELAND AARON aka ONE MAN AND HIS PEN Shapes From The Street I’ve always enjoyed personal projects. I think of them as

Bermondsey Shorts

Bermondsey Shorts A weekly series of short, experimental artist films. Programme Director: Michaela Freeman November Programme


In association with JESSOPS Immerse yourself in some fantastic wintery landscapes this February thanks to Jessops. This winter

Minnie Weisz – “Time present Time future”

Nick Malone A Tale of Two lives 14 February – 11 March The walls of the main gallery are dominated by large, three-dimen


MEDEBER TEATRO Working Canons with Alice Labant, Francesco Moraca & Sofia Roshal Fedorova 2-5 March   Performance Tim

Nick Malone – “A Tale of Two Lives”

Nick Malone A Tale of Two Lives 14 – 25 March Alongside his exhibition, A Tale of Two Lives, which runs at Art Bermondse

Bermondsey Shorts – A weekly Programme of Artists Videos

Art Bermondsey Project Space is pleased to announce the second month of BERMONDSEY SHORTS a weekly programme of artists videos


 MY HOUSE – MY SCHOOL – MY STREET Harris Academy Bermondsey 21 – 25 March For the second year Art Bermondse

UAL | Arts SU | XHIBIT 2017

Xhibit 2017 Run by Arts SU, Xhibit 2017 is open to all students, studying at any level, across all disciplines. Opening on&nbs

Tony McGee ” Within A Split Second”

28 March – 15 April Boxing is music? Ballet is music? Boxing and ballet are photogenic, that there is no argument. C’m

Project Green Launch Night -All About Red Lips and Wine

On Tuesday 14th May Art Bermondsey Project Space hosted the launch of #ProjectGreen – an exhibition shot by acclaimed art di

Camera Press at 70 – A Lifetime in Pictures

Camera Press at 70 – A Lifetime in Pictures Curated by Emma Blau Internationally renowned photographic agency Camera Pre

Marilyn Stafford | Stories in Pictures 1950 – 1960

Lucy Bell Fine Art Presents “I have always been fond of stories, listening to them, telling them, performing them, singi

Jasper Wilkins ‘Gorkha: in focus’

Gorkha: in focus Documenting livelihoods in a changing climate by Jasper Wilkins <h/5> Gorkha is based west of Kathmandu

Turps Studio Painters 2015-2017

A show of recent works by painters who have been on the Turps Studio Programme during 2015-17 and will be leaving the studios

Anything Goes? | Contemporary British Painting

Anything Goes?  Contemporary British Painting An Exhibition of Works by Members of Contemporary British Painting  Se

Martina Govindraj – Travelling Light – Wander More

TRAVELLING LIGHT – WANDER MORE Drawn to geometric architecture and the often ignored design that surrounds everyday life, OL

Chris Floyd ‘You Rise, Then You’re Gone’

You Rise, Then You’re Gone The Verve: Photographs by Chris Floyd 5-16 September 2017 It has been two decades since the c

Gibraltar As Seen By Five Artists

Paul Cosquieri | Shane Dalmedo | Nina Danino | Carolina Santos Floriano | Karl Ullger curated by Philippa

The Hemming and Marr Show

Recent Paintings  3-14 October 2017 Adrian Hemming on Andrew Marr I FIRST ENCOUNTERED Andrew (or rather I didn’t but us

Canada Now – The Tip of the Iceberg

Sonny Assu | Patrick Bérubé | Simon Bilodeau | James Nizam Jannick Deslauriers |  Karine Giboulo | Guill

‘A Beautiful Silence’ Photography exhibition by Steve Gosling

28 November – 2 December 2017 In November 2016, Steve Gosling travelled to South Georgia and Antarctica as an instructor

Dick Scott-Stewart ‘These Times’

Dick Scott Stewart (1948-2002) These Times  ARCHIVE PHOTOGRAPHS The Dick Scott Stewart Archive houses Dick Scott Stewart&

Fred Ingrams ‘Ditch’

Fred Ingrams Ditch  PAINTING THE FENS 6 December – 7 January The landscape of The Fens only exists because of the m

Kirsten Reynolds: Dark Ages

12 December 2017- 13 January 2018 GALLERY TWO Kirsten Reynolds is an English artist whose current work uses photography, paint

Magnum RETOLD 5-9 December 2017

Magnum RETOLD A selection of stories from the anniversary project in celebration of 70 years of storytelling Featuring works b

The Arborealists & Kirsten Reynolds

The Arborealists: The art of trees & Kirsten Reynolds: Dark ages   The Arborealists: The Art of Trees 2017  curated by P

Colombia in London – Art for Peace

The New Face of Colombia features in the cultural initiatives for Nobel Peace Prize President Santos’s state visit in Lo

The Douglas Brothers | SEE – SAW

The collaborative accomplishments of double visionaries 13-24 JUNE LOST ICONS TO GO ON EXHIBITION THIS SUMMER Recovered histor


To coincide with LAb[au]'s participation at Lumiere London ,The Mayor Gallery presents an exhibition by Belgium collective LAb


Neil Buchan-Grant is a renowned travel and portrait photographer, originally from Edinburgh but now living in Winchester. Desc


ON BOARD THE SMILE TRAIN – this was the time Cleveland allocated to visit two Indian cities and document a boy’s quest

Carlos Puente – Shadows of Spain

Carlos Puente Shadows of Spain Post-war Spain was a culturally complex nation. Bitter with its memories of the Civil War – i