SKAPED: Community Artivism

Collective Exhibition

11 – 14 January 2023

Skaped is an artivist charity that works with young people in East London to educate them about community building and human rights through the creative arts. Skaped’s core values are Equality, Freedom, Justice, Dignity and Inclusiveness for all.

Skaped’s Community Artivism collective exhibition, funded by the Foundation for Future London, was developed over 3 months by Skaped’s group of young artivists came together to challenge themselves and create a space enriched with empathy, creativity, compassion, and a desire to change society.

They have explored the ways in which the arts can create social change through various artivist practices, from craftivism to zine making and more.

This exhibition has been created by the 2022 cohort of young artivists; it is a labour of love, and celebrates their individual voices in positively impacting their communities.