Beyond Recognition and Queer Coding 

Curated by Whiskey Chow 

14 – 18 February 2023

What does “queer spirit” mean for visual artists in their practice nowadays? 


How new generation queer artists create space for themselves and their community through materiality and image construction that goes beyond vanity, hypersexuality and exaggerated gender performativity? 

Living in different timelines of LGBTQ+ movements and constantly negotiating with complex power dynamic from an intersectional and cross-cultural perspective, queer artists today are seemingly inventing new art vocabulary and approach to address their desire, concern and pertinent inquiry. 

Fabricating and manifesting 

Problematizing and indicating 

Transgressing and redefining 

With no guaranteed destinations, 13 Artists from RCA Sculpture are going to show you something instead of telling you something. 

It’s stormy and it’s souly. 

It’s SOFT and it’s HARD.