Everything Is Made Of Light

17 – 28 May 2022

Opening Reception
Wednesday 18 May, 6-9pm

Mark Kasumovic Dark Matter Experiment, 2018

Everything is Made of Light features images and texts from four contemporary artists that question, challenge, and converse with notions of the “unrepresentable” within our contemporary culture. Jacques Rancière, in his essay, Are Some Things Unrepresentable?, scrutinizes the challenges faced by images in depicting the world around us. This raises provocative questions surrounding camera-based images whose truth value is constantly being eroded within contemporary culture, and a world that is seemingly always becoming more difficult to represent. How can images and language be used to expand, rather than contract, our understanding of contemporary culture? How are new strategies created to represent the intangible, imperceptible and elusive? What is the camera’s role in enlightening us regarding complicated notions of “truth”?

Mary O’Neill This is All I Have, 2022

The Luminous Project by Matthew Pell explores the manipulation and abstraction of time, view, physical movement and scale on objects that emanate light in an urban environment. The fundamental elements of such objects may be observed in a way impossible through natural circumstances.

Mary O’Neill presents us with a world where there is no order, no coherence. Where things happen and you have no control. Images are paired with texts that ultimately confuse and question more straightforward narratives.

Isabella Streffen’s work explores the cultural history and politics of perception, and experimental art criticism, presenting images and text that highlight and question how we sense things and what we say about it.

Finally, Mark Kasumovic presents us with a body of work titled Instrumental which explores the relationship between the act of discovery, the camera, the history of technology, and the particular problem of trying to represent the invisible.

Matthew Pell Luminous 2, 2021

This exhibition is presented in partnership with
De Montfort University, Leicester
supported by State Magazine, London