Yamam Nabeel: Intersecting Realities

3 – 14 May 2022

Meet the Artist / Film Screening
Saturday 14 May, 3-6pm

Onome Abboh, Berlin 2020
Shot on Hasselblaad 500cn

Showing in it’s most comprehensive form to date, Yamam Nabeel’s Intersecting Realities encompasses film, digital & verbal portraiture across two years and three cities. Nabeel documents the changing attitudes and perceptions of our postpandemic world with warmth & alacrity, and the unique personalities and cultures of his subjects are caught stirringly for display.

Shawn Stephen Vessaokar, Dubai 2022
Mamiya 7; Kodak Ektar 100


Yamam Nabeel was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1976. His family went into exile in 1980 and spent the following 18 months living in France, East Germany, Syria, Lebanon, Czechoslovakia before settling in Hungary in 1981, before moving to the UK in 1992.

Yamam was educated in Hungary and the UK. He began writing short stories in Hungarian at age 16, these stories were translated into Arabic and published in Al Hayat, Al Quds Al Arabi and Sharq Alawsat, to critical acclaim.

He went on to work for MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Centre), as a segment producer before moving on to continue as an independent producer, creating content that syndicated internationally for the likes of CNN, Channel 4 in the UK, Sky Sports and Sky News.

In 2003 Yamam set up FC Unity, an award-winning NGO with a mission to combat violence, extremism and racism through sport and education, with large scale programmes delivered in Iraq, Afghanistan, UK, Ghana, Sudan, Somalia, Sierra Leone and Djibouti.

Since 2017, Yamam has been focusing on telling the stories, through phototherapy and writing, of those whose stories may never be told.

Marianna and Stella Criscuolo, London 2020
Shot on Hasselblaad 500cn; Ilford 5hp