The MAGMA Group

The Certainty of Strangeness

8 – 12 November 2022

MELINDA MATYAS | Under the Blue Sky Alone I Celebrat

Dagmar Dost-Nolden, Sal Jones, Nick Malone, Melinda Matyas, Colin McCallum, Gary Myatt and Annie Zamero

“Magmatism is a fusion of the expressive and conceptual processes”

The Certainty of Strangeness is a group exhibition showcasing the work of artists in The MAGMA Group. During the opening reception, on 9th November 6-9pm, there will be a Salon Noir event featuring a talk by Pandemonia.

Founded by Annie Zamero in 2011, the group’s name was inspired by the idea that the hot fluid within the earth’s crust – magma – is analogous to the internal heat and flow of the creative process. Also the formation of magma by the intense pressure of geological forces may be compared to the pressures and forces exerted on each of us in our daily lives. These pressures shape the creative process.

The aims of the group are to provide an alternative gauge for contemporary expressive art and a showcase and international network for artists whose work fuses expressive and conceptual qualities.

As Annie Zamero says, “We embrace concepts in our work but don’t leave solely them in the realm of the intellect. We want to make concepts visual in a highly expressive way.”

‘The Performer’ [Boris johnson] after
‘Miss Lala at the Cirque Fernando’ by Degas, 1879


Wednesday 9 November
6pm for 6.30pm start

Prior to the opening reception for The MAGMA Group exhibition, Bermondsey Project Space plays host to SALON NOIR, featuring guest speaker Pandemonia.

Salon Noir is an informal and relaxed forum for fine art enthusiasts and professionals who meet on a regular basis in French Salon style, mostly at Central London venues.

Guest speakers such as gallerists, art critics and artists present a topic of interest on contemporary fine art. This is followed by Q and A and informal discussion on sofas with the invited guest audience. The purpose being to refresh our ideas, make new contacts by mingling at the bar, and get to know the speakers.

Founded by Annie Zamero, the team of organisers includes Patrick Griffin, photographer and events impressario, Diane Scarlet Wallace, artist and designer and Annie Zamero, artist/curator and founder of ‘The Magma Group’ of artists, member of Art Society Soho and founder member of The Stuckists.