Wednesday 26 June, 7-9pm

Curated by Lily Ashrowan

Tales of biological and mythological transformation, dark dreams and the alchemy of cinema: an evening of experimental artist film. 

With contributions from Niyaz Saghari, Kamila Kuc, George Findlay Ramsey, Daniel & Clara, Kym McDaniels, Grace Capewell, and Autojektor, these are films of transformation and metamorphosis: from the alchemical chemistry of cinema projection and the film strip, through to the post-human, animalistic and alien. They are experiments in queer embodiment and trans- formation. They ask: what does it mean to exist beyond the limitations of our own material makeup? How might the moving image offer us an opportunity to be other than we are? 

TW: Death, Blood, Nudity.

Still from: To Languish – Trans Fever, Directed by Autojektor 

Body to Meat to Earth

Directed by Niyaz Saghari, as part of collaboration with BEEF

As part of BEEF (Bristol Experimental Expanded Film) collective residency at the Cube Cinema and inspired by diary works of Ian Breakwell, this film is a collage of memories of Beef members, cube volunteers and few lines from Breakwell’s book of diaries. The building of the Cube cinema used to be a centre for Deaf education. In respect to this history, Jo translates the diaries in sign languages.

Noonwraith Blues 

Directed by Kamila Kuc

Ominous 35mm cinegrams of Albrecht Dürer’s 1514 ‘Melencolia’ print are intercut, like cascading scythes, with saturated super-8 film of a woman in a fresh-cut farm field, evoking repetitions that exist in harvest rituals, as well as in gestures of madness.


Directed by George Findlay Ramsey

Shifting between essay and semi-fictionalised nature documentary, is a ​’film pome’ dedicated to one of nature’s great architects.

Espectros da Terra 

Directed by Daniel & Clara 

Espectros Da Terra – the spirits of the earth – a fever dream captured on super 8, a vision of the world transforming. A time will come when the human creature shall breathe its last breath. Who shall cry the final cry, and utter the gasp at the end of the world? 

A story that doesn’t have to do with me 

Directed by Kym McDaniels 

As the artist seeks to connect with their partner about their research in bioarcheology, a conversation emerges about what is left behind after death.

To Languish – Trans Fever 

Directed by Autojektor 

Black ink and blood on super 8 film

In A Burning World (Love Will Save Us) 

Directed by Grace Capewell

Performers- Florence Broomfield, Philip Bayntum 

DOP- Fabio Modonutti 

Edit- Izzy Eyres 

Sound- Bite

Still from: Espectros da Terra, Directed by Daniel & Clara
Still from: Body to Meat to Earth, Directed by Niyaz Saghari