Eeeeek Film Club

Tuesday 25 June, 7-9pm

Curated by Bridget Russon and Ella Kennedy 

EEeeeeeek! Your favourite hit-sell-out-viral and honestly pretty famous duo are back, and this time it’s all about the recorded medium. Present and curated by Ella Kennedy and Bridget Russon, this night of short films (like long films but way easier to sit through without needing a wee) moves from sentimental to the silly and right back round again. 

Featuring: Girls’ bathrooms, clown breakups, texan nativities, unravelled wool, meditative dream states and everything you would ever need or want to know about love – so grab your popcorn buckets and your best film-bro pick up lines and join us for the inaugural Eeek Film Club. 

With work from:

Nick Harris 

George Mcburney 

Eleanor Greene 

Martina Daniel Telgmaa 

Cabbage the Clown 

Bridget Russon