Heidi Pearce: Lights on Blue Dogs

1 – 12 February 2022

Private View Wednesday 2 February 6 – 9 pm

Gallery 2

Heidi Pearce is a contemporary artist based in London working with soft sculpture, puppetry and painting. Having graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2019, Heidi has since been developing her ‘Lights on Uncanny’ theory that introduces a new mode of ‘uncanniness’ within contemporary art. Heidi has exhibited extensively across London, including her recent presentation at Saatchi Gallery as part of StART art fair 2021, and a joint exhibition at Limbo Collective with Swedish artist Tobias Bradford, Honey, I’m Home?!. She has also worked on numerous projects, including Tim Spooner’s solo exhibition Cuteness Forensics at Battersea Arts Centre.

Through the development of her ‘Lights on Uncanny’ theory, Heidi presents a body of work that encourages the viewer to question their tension – or indeed complacency – surrounding overfamiliarity. Rejecting the concept of ‘darkness’, her sculptures source uncanny power through ambiguity and familiarity; awkwardly looming, these forms suggest an uncomfortable, yet energetic, existence.

Rather than hidden and mysterious, Heidi’s furry protagonists are instead overtly noticeable as they awkwardly dominate composition and spaces hitherto unpopulated by the animal world. As they arch their backs, kick back their heads a let out a tongue-waggling cry, the dogs encourage discomfort, vivacity and humour in equal measure.

Lights on Blue Dogs is an installation that navigates the foundations of the ‘Lights on’ theory through majestic blue fur coats and overbearing, provocative presence. These elements allow for the three Mother Dogs to attempt to nurture their puppies, who are chaotically dispersed – and not suckling. This quiet chaos is reflective of an unrequited urge for instinct; if the puppies refuse their nourishment, they are outside of the natural order, furthering them into Otherness.

As they no longer need their mothers, puppies are for sale.


The Exhibition will be brought to life with a series of performance events and film screenings.

The Voices Film Series: Queer Portraits
Saturday 5 February, 4 – 6 pm

A selection of short films that paint nuanced portraits of queerness. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the creative teams.