RICHARD SHIELDS: The Fall Of The Artist

Exhibition and Performance

Friday 25 August

Exhibition open from 1pm

Performance 6pm onwards

‘The Fall of the Artist Theatre’

Richard Shields performs ‘The Fall of the Artist’ and other segments of his ongoing series, among an exhibition of supporting artworks.

An exhibition of works and props made alongside Richard Shield’s performance practice will be exhibited during the day before his three act performance:

‘The Fall Of The Artist’ is an Opera where baroque finery meets modern sportswear and a megaphone. Using film, live performance and a puppet theatre, this story follows an artist on his journey to the studio where he recounts unfavourable meetings and rejections. 

‘The Hangman’ is a new act within ‘The Fall Of The Artist’ where the protagonist is attempting to hang a painting. Repeatedly thwarted by a pesky phantom, the artist is left in a state of paralysis.

‘The Emperor’s Nu Instagram’ resembles a TED talk about social media success but ultimately results in the same shame and failure that befalls his namesake in ‘The Emperors New Clothes’. 

The final act dissolves into a DJ set, at which point the audience is invited to visit the bar and peruse the relics of the performance until the end of the event.

Richard Shields in performance