Not The Minor Character

Friday 3 March, 6-9pm

A one-day exhibition by Tabitha Rose & Jess Routley

Not The Minor Character explores ideas around ambiguous female imagination and the perceived threat it poses. These works coincide in a third narrative space that expands beyond the boundaries of the canvas. This space is liminal, and here we can speculate upon the subject’s introspective dialogue, and also meet our own projected ideas. One artist contemplates the potentiality of revenge, and the other a dreamlike depth of experience within mundanity. They create a lacuna that is simultaneously free from the male gaze and a reaction to it. These works are an invitation to unsaid things; imagined, confessed, desired, remembered, or ignored. 

Jess is a painter and printmaker with degrees in both Politics and Contemporary Portraiture. Her works are figurative, sensitive and often have a sense of apprehension. She is interested in capturing confidential moments that often go unnoticed. In this series of works, Jess has created a tense cinematic world in which her cast of female protagonists react to an unseen threat. She has exhibited previously at the RA Summer Show and the Royal Society of Oil Painters annual exhibition. She currently lives and works in London.
Tabitha is in her final BA degree year at the Art Academy London. Her work revolves around contemporary womanhood and interiority, often woven with a confessional element. A softly colourful palette and fluctuating paint application creates a disconcerting, dream-like realm for her paintings to exist in. In this body of work, Tabitha narrates the edges between intimacy and loneliness in female friendship, within a domestic space. She currently lives and works in London.