HEAD [Beyond the Face]

Jonathan Armour, Jamie Gallagher, Craig Robertson, Luigi Honorat, Michal Semczyszyn

23 January – 3 February 2024

Private View: Tuesday 23 January, 6-9pm

HEAD [Beyond the Face] sets out to explore the interplay between the physicality of the human head and the depths of our psychological, spiritual, and emotional experiences.

The exhibition brings together five artists working across sculpture, painting, video, augmented reality and photography, gathered for their diverse and unique explorations into figuration, and in particular their work around the human head.

HEAD invites you to contemplate the intricacies of the human experience, offering a nuanced perspective beyond portraiture. This exhibition delves into the essence of our humanity and the unseen dimensions that shape our individual stories, with a particular emphasis on exploring the intricate facets of mental health.

Jonathan Armour @thearmourstudio
Jamie Gallagher @typ01134
Luigi Honorat @luigihonorat
Craig Robertson @craigsculpture
Michal Semczyszyn @michalsemczyszyn

Image: Craig Robertson