Wednesday 7 February, 7 – 9pm

A screening evening of Tabbouleh & Pie by Ja‘far ‘Abd al-Hamid and  Beneath a Mother’s Feet by Elias Suhail . These screenings will be followed by a Q & A.

This screening is presented by ArtForward.

The life of a retired man in London is interrupted when a new neighbour from Iraq moves in next door…

Tabbouleh & Pie  –  Richard’s life of a retired insurance manager in London is interrupted when Fatin, a stage director from Iraq, moves in next door. Through her vivacious and extrovert nature, she challenges Richard to connect with his less reserved self. Dir: Ja‘far ‘Abd al-Hamid

Also screening: Beneath a Mother’s Feet  –  A single mother in Morocco, trapped in a mundane existence, confronts her dreams and fears, leading to the agonising decision to forsake all she knows, even her children. Dir: Elias Suhail

Iraqi-born Ja’far ‘Abd al-Hamid was drawn to film studies whilst completing a degree in Social Policy in London. His transition into film studies was paralleled with his writing and directing a number of shorts, before making his feature debut, Mesocafé (2011). His films have screened in festivals across the pond, in the USA, as well as the UAE, Qatar, and the UK. Ja’far’s second feature, Kal & Cambridge (2024), is currently going through the final stages of post- production.

Arij Al-Soltan, a British-Iraqi producer-director based in the UK, has carved a distinctive path in both independent and mainstream media. Since venturing into her own film projects in 2017, she has developed a notable body of work that offers unique viewpoints and deep self-introspection. Arij collaborates with emerging talents to create emo’onally complex and nuanced stories that reflect the wider world.

With an extensive international produc’on background, she continues to craft culturally sensitive, thought-provoking work that not only pushes the boundaries of visual aesthe’cs but also resonates on an international scale. Her producer credits include, Baghdad Central (2020); Beneath a Mother’s Feet (2023) (Golden Cave for the best short Fic’on film at Tangier Film Fes’val 2023) and Neo Nahda (2023). Arij also filmed and directed the documentary, Korean Lovers in Baghdad (2018).