Homer Sykes & Dafydd Jones: Book Works

7 – 11 September 2021


Fridge being thrown out of a window in the early hours. Christchurch Ball, Oxford, 1984
© Dafydd Jones

PRIVATE RECEPTION  |  Wednesday 8 September, 6-9pm
Join the artists to celebrate the opening of their exhibition

Q&A  |  Saturday 11 September, 3-6pm
Drop in for a chance to meet the artists and hear about their work

Book Works, is a collaborative exhibition that features the work of two British social documentary photographs Dafydd Jones and Homer Sykes. During the eighties both found themselves photographing many of the same events from the English social season. Part financed by magazines and book publishers they both made work in their own distinctive reportage styles. A tradition established so eloquently by the likes of the great Picture Post photographers, Bert Hardy, Thurston Hopkins, Grace Robinson and other socially engaged photographers of that time.

Dafydd Jones’ Book Works comes from a series he undertook during the nineteen eighties in Oxford. Various picture editors and publishers, have gone through Dafydd’s Oxford pictures many times over the last 30 or so years; often looking through his photographs of a cast of characters which includes Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Hugh Grant, Nigella Lawson, Ghislaine Maxwell and future members of the aristocracy and establishment. In 2019 Dafydd went through all the pictures and made what he thought was a definitive edit which resulted in the book, Oxford: The Last Hurrah (ACC Art Press) that proved a great success. Then during the first lockdown Dafydd revisited this body of work, and came across a previously unnoticed photo of a fridge being thrown out of an upper floor window during a student Ball at Christchurch College, Oxford. This encouraged him him to continue to look again for other overlooked pictures hidden amongst the contact sheets- which may result in an enlarged edition of the book. He will be showing some of these newly discovered pictures along with many favorites.

Earls Court, London, 1977 – Absent Without Official Leave and on the run, an army deserter in his bedsit, enjoys a quite smoke and a tinny or two, and contemplates life with his girl friend.
© Homer Sykes

Homer Sykes’ Book Works are taken from his two most recent books, The Way We Were 1968-1983 and Colour Works: 1980s and 90s, (Dewi Lewis Publishing) both volumes, one in black and white, from the earliest part of his career was almost entirely self assigned. And the other made for the most part on assignment and in colour.  These two bodies of work celebrate a way of life, real life, now perhaps forgotten or never known.  

Both Jones and Sykes work with a focused and an inquisitive photographers eye. Their photographs embrace a very British way of life. 


About the Artists:
Dafydd Jones https://www.dafjones.com

Homer Sykes https://homersykes.photoshelter.com