Flip the Script: Tim Nathan & Good Governance Institute

31 August – 4 September 2021

50°51′6″ N 0°33′28″ E © Tim Nathan

Tim Nathan’s photographs will be exhibited for the first week of Good Governance Institute’s 2021 Festival of Governance.

They will host a number of events at BPS, including the launch of their Flip the Script board game and this year’s printed Review. It will be a week fusing photography with knowledge, art, music and culture.

A full programme of events runs throughout the week. Make sure to book your place now as spaces are limited.

50°51′6″ N 0°33′28″ E © Tim Nathan

About the Artist, Tim Nathan

Tim Nathan is a multi-disciplinarian artist. He is a skilled bronze founder, a successful film director, a music video maker, photographer and designer. He studied in Hastings and Canterbury and has lectured in drawing for over ten years in Further Education. Whilst being hugely capable in a wide range of creative processes, he perpetually returns to his passion for horses and drawing.

Since an early age Tim has spent time with horses. He rode horses as a boy amongst the flatlands of Lincolnshire in Burton upon Stather. As he grew older he met a champion dressage rider and through their time together his appreciation of horses deepened and his artistic impetus sharpened. Obsessed with Leonardo da Vinci from a very early age, as he moved through his formal Art education he never left his preoccupation with animals, nature and, more particularly horses.

He has worked alongside many of the great figures in dressage such as Franz Rochowansky former chief rider of Spanish Riding School and Olympic trainer, the Finnish rider Kyra Kyrklund, the International dressage rider Wayne Channon and Emile Faurie who has represented Great Britain at World, European and Olympic level.

The process of producing his drawings and sculptures draws significant parallels with the process of horsemanship itself. Each strives for balance, completeness and harmony to achieve the full potential of performance

He says that drawing is a crucial element of making any work, regardless of technical process or material outcome. It is his means of discussion, of exploring a proposition. “It informs, it is a tool, it is language, it is a criterion for criticism. Through drawing you can come to terms with subject matter, and as a byproduct of that process sometimes make good work. Understanding this process is true intellect.”

His work is well known in the world of dressage and is held in multiple collections across Europe, China, and the United States.

Tim currently operates from his production studio media25studio in St Leonards-on-Sea and he is currently producing work for many high profile clients in media and commerce.