Fragments From Strange Lands

21 – 25 November 2023

Book Launch and Photography Exhibition
Meet the Artist: Saturday 25th November, 4-6pm

Like shards of broken mirrors, collected over time and from far away places, the words and images of Yamam Nabeel reflect the fragmented self of a life in exile.

“As a child living in exile, images were all we carried with us; they were all that carried our memories”

Photography is something Yamam started experimenting with as a child. His family were forced to flee in Iraq in 1980, moving around Europe and the Middle East, before settling in Hungary where he spent his formative years, before the family relocated once again to the UK in 1992.

This book is the product of a life’s worth of reflection on the idea of home and on the reality of exile. Through his words and his images, the stories shared, and the journeys travelled, a deeply personal project is manifest.


25 November, 4-6pm

Bermondsey Project Space and Art Forward warmly invite you to the Meet the Artist session with Yamam Nabeel, for the last day of this photography exhibition and the launch of his photography and poetry book Fragments From Strange Lands.

“Like a daydream that seems real enough to believe, I have gathered these pieces from strange lands in order to make sense of the world.”
Portrait by Marko Novkov

Yamam Nabeel is a London-based Iraqi, writer and photographer, using vintage analogue cameras only, as well as a filmmaker, bringing words and imagery together to tell the stories of those whose voices have been muted.

To date Nabeel has had 10 solo exhibitions in London, Budapest, and Dubai, with two solo shows held at Bermondsey Project Space. His other exhibitions were shown at Studio 7/ Acralycize, London, Fitzrovia Gallery, London, 99 Bishopsgate, London, ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai and Fann-a-Porter, Dubai.

Previously, he was an independent producer for CNN, Channel 4 and Sky. Nabeel was the founder of FC Unity, an award-winning NGO combatting violence through sport.

FRAGMENTS FROM STRANGE LANDS is produced and distributed by Art Forward and published by Bermondsey Project Space.

Founded by Nathalie Chace and Yamam Nabeel, Art Forward’s aim is to use their diverse artistic heritage to create projects that transcends their cultural, religious, and geographical differences.Art Forward creates and manages projects in-house, bringing together and promoting artists from around the world to create initiatives that move towards a more harmonious coexistence.

Art is powerful; it tells us stories we can learn from. Let us use it to move forward.