Tuesday 28 February, 6-9pm

Andia Coral NEWTON

 Buoyed is a watery exploration of queer bodies and a queer exploration of water bodies.

“Let the tide tease you out to sea. Ponder puddles and scrub the scum that collects at the bottom of the bath. Taste the salt on our teeth.”

Expect puddles of poetry, saturated sculpture, floating photography, tidal waves of tapestry.

Let’s get wet.

This is a one-night-only exhibition, come and see it before the tide washes us all away

Andia Coral Newton is a contemporary artist working across drawing, textiles and installation. Andia’s work dwells on the place of human-beings in the ecology of planet earth, the alternative intelligence of sea-creatures, and how we perceive history through images. Hermit Crabs, Spacecraft and Celestial Phenomena are all motifs commonly occurring in her work, alluding to a fixation on survival in the face of terrible, awe-striking environmental forces.

Poppy Tingay is a lesbian artist based in London, focusing on portrait and figurative painting. Her work explores themes such as sexual orientation, gender identity, sexuality, and feminism. She mostly chooses to paint people she meets within London’s queer scene, as well as occasionally investigating her own queer identity in her work. Poppy aims to provide representation for those who have been ignored, within the realm of portrait painting, throughout art history. Working predominantly with oil paint, Poppy endeavours to create work that is as visually complex and vibrant as the aesthetic qualities she associates with the LGBTQ+ community.

Kia Matanky-Becker is a queer sculptor performance artist and poet. They are inspired by a childhood growing up on such Tv genius as Robot Wars and Scrap Heap Challenge. They create structurally unsound metal messes and artfully unsafe installations. They are interested in storytelling and world- building especially in relation to queer coming-of-age narratives. Their sculptures always have some shit to chat, think – what the Robot Wars robots would say if they were queer and in love.

Kia will also be treating visitors to some poetic performances through out the night. Kia’s Lyrical poetry is an unapologetic exploration of queer relationships, friendship and community. An over-sharer and attention seeker, get ready for tales of lesbian drama, late nights and the people they fell in love with on the bus this morning. Its all very wet we promise.