By Reem Acason, Vix Koch & Devon McCulloch

27 – 28 July 2024

Private View: 27 July, 6-9pm

‘Geographies of Self’ is a pop-up art exhibition presented by 401 Collective. It features works by Reem Acason, Devon McCulloch, and Vix Koch, multidisciplinary artists currently pursuing their masters at the University of Brighton.

Reem Acason’s work navigates the fluid boundaries between personal and collective identity, often drawing from her rich cultural heritage. Her current work follows inter-generational threads, through loss and societal evolution. Elements are woven together, layered and juxtaposed to create narratives rooted in the mythical which hint at lost histories and folklore. 

Devon McCulloch’s art combines modern and historical photographs, documents, found objects, and medical paraphernalia as reference points. Her practice explores the internal and external aspects of subjects and subject matter and magnifies the slippage within the anti-portraiture genre (portraits where ‘likeness’ is irrelevant).​Her working practice uses anachronistic technology in unconventional ways, processes are suggestive of form; and inspirational in the curation of montages of photographs, graphics and prints as artworks.

Vix Koch’s practice centres around site-specific work that utilises sculpture, experimental photography and digital collage to investigate the nuances of time and space. She uses wax, cardboard, paper mache and plaster to create sculptures that tap into pre-modern architecture. Situating them in rural sites, she employs double exposure and overlaying techniques to reimagine these landscapes exploring the mythic and surreal.

This exhibition delves into the intricate tapestry of identity and place, offering a profound exploration of self through varied artistic lenses. The work engages with themes of identity, self and connections to place, exploring how identity is formed and transformed by our connections to the places we inhabit.