Dylan Bardoe: Kerosene

3 – 21 August 2021

Processed By The Boys, 2021, acrylic, spray and pastel on canvas

Dylan Bardoe’s second solo exhibition at Bermondsey Project Space combines obsessive, excessive large-format canvases, with intimate, instinctive works on paper. His work acknowledges and confronts the age of information overload we all live in, of ‘disposable simulacra’ and ‘promiscuous superficiality’. Immediately recognisable icons of the 21st Century (UFOs, crash test dummies, Batman) populate a world of vague symbology, subliminal mark-making and throwaway statements. 

Kerosene is an attempt to express a reflection on the vivid societal turbulence of current times and what I see as a continually exasperated, and often irrational rage among us. I hope to provide or present a certain form of aggressive yet playful catharsis, which I’ve found to have acted as an auxiliary through this heavy whirlwind of absurdity.”  Dylan Bardoe, July 2021

Untitled works on paper, 2021