MEDIUM:OIL (part 3) ‘Abstract Realities’ Stephen Newton



Stephen Newton

10 – 28 July

Newton is not a realist, but a new kind of surrealist. Psychoanalytic theory has moved away from drive theory towards relational theory, and so has the most subtle and sophisticated surreal art, Newton’s paintings being exemplary. All the more so because they incorporate drive, as their excited painterliness indicates, into their realism. That is, their rendering of objects – the desolate and isolated objects – in his empty space, sometimes cosmically and threateningly empty. The stark geometry of the space – the confrontal planarity of the rooms – makes its emptiness more intimidating.

Stephen Newton’s work offers radically distilled imagery, simple – even childlike iconographies represent a far more primeval creative force that stir (often uncontrollable) sensations of recognition in those that take the time to consider and reflect on them.

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Tuesday to Saturday

11 am –  6 pm

183-185 Bermondsey Street, SE1 3UW, London

The Exhibition is part of
A summer season dedicated to the art of painting

Illustrated: Communion, 2018