Visual Poetry: Short Film Showcase

A work in progress film showcase by 11 pioneering LCC MA Documentary Film Students

27th February – 3rd March
Bermondsey Project Space has invited 11 pioneering documentary filmmakers to showcase their short films in the upcoming exhibition, Visual Poetry.
The works explore varying themes such as artistry, self-acceptance and legacy through an experimental approach to the medium that strays from typical documentary convention.
Viewed as a collective, the works unite the individual directors, each one utilizing visual aesthetics to communicate and moreover enhance the chosen narrative or subject.
Through a compelling range of ideas and techniques, Visual Poetry is an exhibition that overall demonstrates the powerful ability and significance of visual storytelling.
Presenting the following artists:
Haya Altamimi, Lena Kim Buehler, Constantine Elijah, Zoe Fayaud, Sarah Franke, Joana Lirio, Charlotte Martinet, Marina Petrus, Saurav Shahi, Martha Shepherd

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