Dafydd Jones, Pommery Champagne and Art 16, partying with those who partied

On Wednesday 18th May Art Bermondsey Project Space hosted an exclusive event for ART16 VIP members.

Welcomed with Pommery Champagne and strawberries guests had the privilege of listening to the photographer recounting the many stories behind his famous shots of party life in UK and New York from 1977 until 1996. Champagne sprays from former-Oxford-current-tycoons’ parties, baby faced Hollywood stars, wives-to-be and famous well-to-do-ladies captured when they least expected it, showing grins, and tongues and unflattering yet kind profiles and body shapes. A human body, portrayed in stretches, bends, splits and jumps that comes alive a second time through the precise and meticulous process of printing, which for Dafydd was a return home, a going back to the origins, suspending time in the closed space of a community dark room in Hastings, where all his characters came back to life. Now we just wait for one of them to show up at the door and tell us those stories from the other side of the photo.



Photos by Alice Cox