From the 1st of March 2016 British Artist Piers Secunda will be exhibiting his new crude oil prints at Art Bermondsey Project Space.

Earlier works include:

Piers Secunda – Confronting Confrontation

Secunda has consistently created artworks that shine a light upon difficult geopolitical topics: “to make a statement about the time I am alive’ and to act as a ‘witness’ to events”. In November 2015 Secunda set out to witness the impact of war in the Kurdish controlled part of Iraq to continue his on-going series Bullet Holes. In the past this has included visits to war torn Kabul, Afghanistan, in 2010, and the crime ridden, gang infested backstreets of Kingston, Jamaica. In Secunda’s experience Iraq was probably the most extreme, ‘visiting three villages on the front-line where I made moulds of bullet holes. […]  The street where I had lunch with the Peshmerga in Kirkuk was destroyed by a car bomb 4 days later, 15 people were killed.”

For Bullet Holes to work conceptually, there has to be plenty of evidence for the authenticity of the actual marks. Secunda took eyewitness accounts of the particular incident and filmed the moulding of bullet holes in the Kabul wall. Unlike the Boyle Family, Secunda does not attempt a facsimile of the site and does not retain the geometry of the marks, which he considers ‘like handwriting’. Rather, he compares his approach to being ‘more like [Lucio] Fontana, with holes and slices. You have the component part – the art follows’.



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