Daniele Roberts Mah: Art Women & Evolution

10 – 14 March 2020

Portraits of practicing and emerging female artists from a female’s perspective

Gallery 2

Daniele Roberts Mah ‘Phoebe Stringer’ ©

A project that evolved from a dialogue between author and critic, Edward Lucie Smith, and the photographer Daniele Roberts Mah. What originally encompassed diverse artists living and working in London distilled into a show focused specifically on both emerging and established female artists.

Daniele Roberts Mah ‘Phang Gung Fook’ ©

‘I visited each artist in their studios, spending time getting to know them,’ says Mah, ‘with the idea of integrating their vision and works into a portrait – I hope at the very least to have captured their spirit and personality, taken from a female vantage point and with a feminist sensibility.’

Daniele Roberts Mah ‘Nancy Fouts’ ©

Daniele Mah is British of Eurasian origin and born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She moved to England at the age of 9 and wanted to be a photographer from the age of 15 when her mother gave her a Leica camera. Mah remembers the exact location and moment: ‘I was sitting on the grass in Hampstead Heath taking pictures of the lake and Kenwood House, and I clearly remember thinking – that’s it, I want to be a photographer.’

At the age of 20 Mah worked as assistant to legendary photographer Michael Putland. For her first job she found herself at the seminal Live Aid Concert and over the following three years capturing everyone from the Rolling Stones to Brad Pitt.

Daniele Roberts Mah ‘Venetia Berry‘ ©

Mah subsequently became a freelance photographer working extensively for the Independent on Saturday magazine and most of the mainstream magazines and newspapers.

Daniele Roberts Mah and Sukey Parnell ‘Michal Cole‘ ©