Launching the gallery is an exhibition by photographer Peter Dench featuring images from a recent trip to one of America’s most iconic cities. ‘Dench Does Dallas’ images are shot exclusively on OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 Mark II.

Peter is a recent convert to the Micro Four Thirds system and for a cameraman used to lugging a heavy DSLR on assignment, this was a daunting challenge. Not only was he being thrust into an unknown city – but he was doing it with a piece of technology he had little previous experience of.

He needn’t have worried, though, as he notes: “It made me a better photographer. I was inspired to pay greater attention to the movement of light and tightened up my compositions. The lightweight camera and accessories saved me energy in sweltering conditions and its performance gave me the confidence to discard the flash in many low light situations. I was excited to point the camera at people – and I discovered people wanted the camera pointed at them.”

This is a free exhibition, open 11am to 6pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 11am to 4pm.