Galerie Ernst Hilger: From the Heart of Europe

Galerie Ernst Hilger

From the Heart of Europe

7 – 22 December 2018

Artists: Daniele Buetti, Maria Bussmann, Gunter Damisch, Oliver Dorfer, Joannis Avramidis, Alfred Hrdlicka, Paulina Korobkiewicz, Andreas Leikauf, Oswald Oberhuber and Hans Staudacher.

Andreas Leikauf, Expect nothing, 2015, Acrylic on canvas, 140 x 100 cm/ 55 x 39 1/3 in

Cultural exchange with Vienna-based Galerie Ernst Hilger focuses on the dialogue between Painting, Photography Drawing and Sculpture. The exhibition is comprised of works in various mediums by ten international artists.

  • Daniele Buetti is one of the principle artists concerned with consumerism and informed society. His installations, videos, light boxes, sculptures, drawings, and performances reflect, comment on, and underline our present times in physically powerful, atmospheric images.
  • The drawings of the artist Maria Bussmann, who lives in Vienna and New York City, are often based on philosophical writings. In generously conceived series, the artist implements chains of graphical associations, which she understands not so much as illustrations, but rather as open commentaries on philosophical thinking in general.
  • Gunter Damisch is an influential proponent of the Neue Wilde style is one of Austria’s most significant contemporary artists. His art features strong colouring and is highly abstract, with sweeping brushstrokes and a furious and intense painting style on the mainly large-format works.
  • A picture says more than a thousand words. In the case of Oliver Dorfer’s work, this saying is more than appropriate. Dorfer’s pictures should speak for themselves – by means of their own picture language, a syntax established out of signs from the world of films, comics, graphic designs and other pop culture influences that serve as the raw material for his work.
  • Joannis Avramidisʼ work always circled round the human figure. In his search for a compression of the figurative form, simultaneously with abstraction of the form, Avramidis always oriented himself in the Greek archaic and classical sculpture.
  • Alfred Hrdlicka was an important Austrian sculptor, draughtsman, painter, and writer. He is considered a political artist, many of his works being memorials warning against war and fascism.
  • Paulina Korobkiewicz is a Polish photographer and visual artist whose practice explores public space and human interactions in the urban context. She is interested in how the political transition influenced contemporary landscape in Poland and neighbouring post-communist states. Her photographs draw inspiration from sculpture and architecture, and translate to a graphic conceptual style.
  • Best described as “reflexive art gone rock and roll,” Andreas Leikauf’s masterful style and imagery incites multi-dimensional reverberations, as he likes to amp up his scenes to a dark and fervent crescendo.
  • Oswald Oberhuber is an Austrian painter, sculptor and illustrator whose works cover a broad artistic spectrum: pieces using or built from plastic, paintings, collages, assemblies and sculptures.