Magnum RETOLD 5-9 December 2017


A selection of stories from the anniversary project in celebration of 70 years of storytelling

Featuring works by Magnum photographers

Olivia Arthur  |  Thomas Dworzak

Thomas Hoepker |  Moises Saman

5 – 9 December

On the occasion of Magnum’s 70th anniversary, Magnum RETOLD celebrates the powerful legacy of documentary storytelling throughout the agency’s history through to the present day.

The exhibition will showcase a series that reflects both the importance and beauty of stories shot by Magnum’s earliest photographers and their ongoing resonance, not only for Magnum photographers but for all of us in today’s fast-changing world.

When asked to consider an archival story that had influenced or inspired their practice, contemporary Magnum photographers each chose a story that meant something to them personally or on a topical subject that they wished to re-visit today. In the exhibition, we see new work by a selection of Magnum photographers, who each respond to the project in their own manner.

Olivia Arthur references the Children of Europe project shot by founder David Seymour in the years after The Second World War; Thomas Dworzak, and journalist Julius Strauss, retraced the steps of Robert Capa and writer John Steinbeck through Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia in A Russian Journal. Thomas Hoepker pays tribute to the poetic work of Sergio Larrian in Valparaiso; and Moises Saman, with Marco Bischof, followed in the final footsteps of Werner Bischof as he was documenting life in the Peruvian mountains when he tragically died in a road accident.