Minnie Weisz – “Time present Time future”

Nick Malone

A Tale of Two lives

14 February – 11 March

The walls of the main gallery are dominated by large, three-dimensional works of burnt wood and drawing on canvas that depict an inner mythology through dissolving planes. These seem to occupy a third space between drawing and sculpture, to be engaged with on their own terms of visual dynamics and broken narrative, without any need to go further.

However, leading from this area is a far smaller space that provides a completely different environment. It refers to a moment in a graphic novel currently being written by Nick Malone – The Disappearance of Makepeace: A Tale of Two Lives – which centres around the strange disappearance and lifelong search for its mysterious hero. This moment is the visitor’s entry into the hidden room that had been used by Makepeace himself, holding his sketchbooks and notes on a central table, with further work on the walls of the room, and a background soundscape of narrative and poetry* drawn from the novel.

Trapdoors into Makepeace’s world open as windows cut into the pages through which other worlds of imagination can be seen. In this way the text of the graphic novel sets the exhibition within a wider context of narrative, adventure and dream, incorporating images of the works in the main gallery into an examination through story of ambiguity, dissolution and change.

This show is pivotal in the development of Nick Malone’s art, from earlier, structured work such as his exhibition Balkan Earth for the British Council Greece, through his manipulated canvases of liquid acrylic, to these radical, new constructions with soundscape, text and narrative.

* Part of this text is taken from Nick Malone’s prizewinning book Jason Smith’s Nocturnal Opera, written with the support of Arts Council England and published by the Cinnamon Press

Minnie Weisz works in analogue photography with medium format cameras, film and video.

She studied at The London College of Printing BA Graphic and Media Design; The Royal College of Art, MA Communication Art and Design (2003). Her work has been exhibited in London and Europe : Wunderkammer III, Voies Off Galerie Huit, Arles (2016); Herrick Gallery London (2015); Capriccio II Van Kranendonk Gallery, The Hague The Netherlands (2014); Art Rotterdam (2014); Dubbel Beeld, Kunstliefde Utrecht (2014); Inside Out, WTC Gallery The Hague (2013), View with a Room Gallery Makina, Pula Film Festival, Croatia (2013); Artist residency at The London Film Museum (2013);

Published work :100 Ideas that changed Photography by Mary Warner Marien, Lawrence King 2012; Photography Portfolio by John Ingeldew and Lorenz Gullaschen, Lawrence King 2013; The A-Z of Visual Ideas by John Ingeldew, Lawrence King, London 2011; Londres, un Cite en Mouvement Yann Perreau and Kevin Bidermann, Editions Autrements Paris 2006.

Minnie Weisz lives and works in London.

©2017 Minnie Weisz