Olga Karlovac: The Disarray

3 – 7 December 2019

©Olga Karlovac

Enigmatic and uniquely creative, Olga Karlovac’s mysterious but alluring portrayals in black and white have become a much admired signature style. Atmospheric, and rich with emotion, her imagery resonates a melancholic beauty and invites one to take a poetic journey into the shadows as a fellow conspirator.

Zagreb and Dubrovnik are the ‘theatre stages’ for her dramatic and enchanting images featuring abstract, lone and collective figures. Her compositions reflect a dream world glanced through rain, shadows, glass, and moisture – core elements that Karlovac regularly appropriates for her compositions.

©Olga Karlovac

‘…anywhere… night was about to erase the day. I visited the same old maroon coloured wall once again and looked vaguely at a window with curtains that were hiding shadows in the vanishing light… a silhouette of incomplete memories slowly disappeared from my sight… I wanted to ask you to take me anywhere…’ (Olga Karlovac The Disarray 2019).

©Olga Karlovac

The artist’s worldwide audience is growing through the significant impact of her chosen medium, the photo-book, where she keeps total control over every stage of production. The release of the successful Before Winter (1st edition) a virtual sell out, lead to her latest publication The Disarray.

A debut exhibition and collaboration with the pioneering London space, ECAD Gallery, in 2018 significantly raised her profile in the London arena. Karlovac is currently exhibiting in New York with further shows scheduled in London, Amsterdam and Paris.