Turps Studio Painters 2015-2017


A show of recent works by painters who have been on the Turps Studio Programme during 2015-17 and will be leaving the studios this Summer.


Turps Studio Programme is a one year mentoring programme with the option to say for a second year, based at Turps Studios in South East London.

Uniquely painters work together in open studios exchanging ideas with each other and a comprehensive team of painters who visit across the year as well as a dedicated team of mentors.

During 2015-17 the mentors are: Dan Coombs , Andrea Medjesi – Jones, Anne Ryan and Neal Tait.

The programme is led by Marcus Harvey and Phil Allen


Katie Brookes

Maj-Gret Gaupas

Athene Greig

Stephanie Maeseele

Scott Mccracken

Anna Mcneil

Tim Ralston

Anna Jung Seo

Mel Scott

Jenny Smith

Rhys Trussler