Bradley Banton: Blackmael

20 – 24 July 2021


Bradley Banton, Blackmael, film still

Screenings throughout the day*

Bradley Banton’s surrealist short exploring assimilation and class mobility. A directorial debut. 

Blackmael studies assimilation, an extension of self-preservation. A social tactic familiar to Black people yet far from exclusive to the Black experience. A pattern of behaviour that is so instinctual, so second nature, that absurdity and surrealism seem to be the only genres which can truly convey it. What would happen if we could go further than just changing our vocabulary, our posture or the way we speak? How far would we be willing to go in order to give ourselves the upper hand to fit in with our surroundings? 

Blackmael is a piece you watch, go away (slightly baffled perhaps), realise something, come back and watch it again, leave (slightly less baffled this time, perhaps) to then eventually notice something else, come back again, and repeat.”

* Showing on the hour, quarter-past, half-past and quarter-to the hour