Philip Volkers: Dust to Dawn – A photographic Adventure at Burning Man

Dust to Dawn

A photographic Adventure at Burning Man

Philip Volkers

11 – 15 SEPTEMBER 2018

Renegade photographer Philip Volkers’ book “Dust to Dawn” which is to be published by Kehrer Verlag, at the end of August, documents his visual adventures at Nevada’s notorious Burning Man Festival over a 10-year period. Every year 75,000 people descend on an alkaline lake bed in Nevada for The Burning Man Festival, a highly influential festival and haven for enquiring minds. Few people are fortunate enough to experience a decade of Burning Man, one of the most extraordinary human gatherings in the world, but as official photographer, Philip Volkers has captured the many raw and spiritual moments from the festival over the past ten years. The culminated works from his unique vantage point has led to the creation of a new art book ‘Dust to Dawn’ published by Kehrer Verlag and an exhibition of large scale works to be held at the Bermondsey Project Space before touring to the Lucy Bell Gallery in St Leonard’s-on-Sea. Volkers’ passion is the documentation of spiritual, hedonistic gatherings, and exploring the meaning behind them.


I have always had a fascination with human gatherings and what first attracted me to Burning Man was that it is one of the only places on Earth that transgresses commodification; a place where people from across the globe are stripped of social crutches such as mobile phones and gather to push themselves to the limits of survival and expression. Burning Man is a completely unique opportunity to see amazing art combined with cutting edge technology. Dust to Dawn celebrates iconic Burning Man artists and designers such as Alex Wreckage and his ‘Lost Tea Party’ and Marco Cochrane. Having been part of Burning man for 10 years, I have seen it evolve into the global phenomenon that it is today but at its core the fundamentals of what Burning Man stands for remain the same, and ‘Dust to Dawn’ and the exhibition is my way of celebrating Burning Man and revealing a little of the magic that lies under its surface.”


The book “Dust to Dawn”, fully sanctioned by Burning Man, and exhibition showcases Philip Volkers’ work as a photographer, an anthropological enthusiast and documenter of a festival that continues to captivate the world.

An exhibition timed to coincide with the launch of the Publication of Philip Volkers book “Dust to Dawn” published by Kehrer Verlag.