Debbie Castro — I – CUT


Debbie Castro

11 – 15  September

Private View Thursday  13th September 6 – 9 pm

I have an overwhelming need to document key changes and turning points in my life and to capture those moments and memories in image, thus when my husband and I were planning pregnancy I needed a specific document of my body before all the changes that were about to happen to it – my way to be in control and to consciously choose change, readying myself to move from the now that I recognise to whatever is next. My husband took the polaroid. I hated it, I hated myself in it, right then I hated him a bit for not knowing what I needed, for not taking the moment seriously.I picked up the scissors and I cut, I cut out all the bits that annoyed me and I was cutting his lack of care and my frustration and fear of the unknown.  I put the pieces in a blue plastic sandwich back and zipped it shut forever only to re-find them later and really love them and the disjointedness of the image they created.

Stem from an image of the photographer and her emotional reaction to it, the body of work I-CUT is about turning the subject and photographer relationship on its head in producing a piece, a representation that cannot and will not exist without the photographer but the final image and its meaning are out of her control.

It is a collaboration as the person portrayed self-directs their pose and then edits their own image – cutting the polaroid, but it is also a performance that produces a unique object as Castro is always there documenting their reaction, but there is only one single unreproducible polaroid taken.